Classical Education

Excelsior Academy presents a broad, classical education by basing its teachings around the Core Knowledge Sequence. In each grade students are exposed to a broad range of historical, scientific, and cultural topics that build on one another to prepare students for later educational success. The scope of knowledge comprises what a culturally literate individual should know at each grade level. 

Excelsior Academy also uses the CHAMPS behavior management program. This program is used school-wide to allow a consistent, positive and proactive approach in our classrooms.

Excelsior Academy feels that a big part of being successful in academics is being organized. Every student uses a docket in elementary and a keeper in middle school to keep classwork and homework in one location. Weekly learning plans are another organizational tool used school-wide to involve parents in knowing what is happening in their student's classroom. The learning plan shows daily lessons, student behavior and communication from the teacher.

Elementary students have the opportunity to attend "specials" classes of art, music and P.E. each week, and middle school students have 3 electives per day.