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  • Elementary teacher (fifth grade)

    Excelsior is looking for a fifth grade education professional who is driven by student success! The educator need to be gritty, hopeful, and a cut above the rest. You must be willing to work hard for student outcomes and participate in a fast-paced and supportive, warm team environment.

    The job responsibilities include classroom management, effective communication with parents, students, and team members, formative and summative assessments, data collection, grading, and the use of effective research-based instruction; Direct Instruction being the primary methodology. The offered position is full-time and includes medical benefits as well as retirement options. Yearly salary starts at $53,000. Click on the application link to apply.

  • Elementary classroom instructor

    Excelsior is looking for education professionals who are driven by student success! Instructors need to be gritty, hopeful, and a cut above the rest. You must be willing to work hard for student outcomes and participate in a fast-paced and supportive, warm team environment. 

    Elementary instructor duties include assisting the teacher with classroom management and daily tasks, grading, supervising students at lunch and recess, and teaching math and reading groups. Pay starts at $16.50/hour, depending on experience and education. Please click on the application link to apply.

  • Special Education teacher

  • Special Education instructor

    Excelsior Academy is currently hiring Special Education Instructors. This position is open in both elementary and middle school settings.

    If you are interested in working with students with disabilities, this will be a rewarding position for you!  Special Education Instructor duties include supporting high-need students in developing positive behaviors by following and implementing behavior plans both in a regular classroom and small group setting. Supporting students with academic needs in areas such as reading, math, and spelling along with organizational support will be tasks that could be part of your day. Some of the responsibilities for this position are helping students during lunch, recess, carpool, and other daily activities. 

    The role includes working with Special Education staff and regular education staff to ensure the students’ needs are met both in and out of the classroom. Other duties may include supervised data collections. 

    Pay starts at $16.50 per hour based on experience and education. Not included in the hourly rate is an additional monthly stipend. Benefits are available with a full-time position.

    Start time is 7:40-4:00 Monday through Thursday and 7:40-3:30 on short school days

    This position will keep you on your toes throughout the day, supporting and helping students learn and grow in their education!

    To apply, please click on the application link.

  • Speech-language technician

  • Substitute

    ||| Apply for this job through ess.com ||| 

    ESS has partnered with Excelsior Academy to manage its substitute program and they’re hiring! Whether you’re a recent college graduate looking to work your way into a full-time teaching position, a retired teacher interested in getting back into the classroom, or anyone looking to make a positive contribution to the development of children, ESS has a place for you. ESS offers excellent employee perks, including health benefits, training, support, weekly pay, 401(k), bonus opportunities, award programs, and more. Plus, working as a substitute is extremely flexible – when, where, and how often you work is entirely up to you. To work as an Excelsior substitute, Apply today at ESS.com. 

Excelsior Academy is an equal opportunity employer