Mr. K Fischer

Physical Education/Health

The person who learns to CARE is the person who does GREAT things. This is my mission while at Excelsior Academy: to teach the students to care; about themselves, their families, their friends, the community, the nation, and the world. Physical education and health education are my favorite ways to accomplish that vision.

Hello. My name is Mr. Fischer. I grew up in Illinois, just outside of Chicago. I graduated from Brigham Young University Idaho with a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology and a minor in dance. I have worked in multiple teaching capacities as a college teacher, workshop director, dance instructor, personal trainer, and health consultant. Most recently, I was a substitute teacher for Davis School District teaching in every grade and subject imaginable from English and math, to theatre and drivers ed, including special ed classes as well. Substitute teaching gave me the joyful opportunity to work with fantastic and inspiring students who only confirmed my innate desire to become a teacher. 

There are only two things I am certain that I absolutely love: helping people and fitness. I am forever grateful to Excelsior Academy for being the fulfillment of a 12 year dream of teaching health and P.E. where I have the opportunity to help the students learn to be their best selves through personal fitness, nutrition habits, positive self image, healthy relationships, and beneficial contributions to the community. I am also excited to assist the dance program as it continues to grow into a thriving joyful experience for the students.

I am immensely thrilled to begin this new chapter of my life at Excelsior.

Healthy happy wishes, 

Mr. Fischer

| AL, NE