Mrs. Alyssa Boone


I knew in my 8th grade geometry class, when my teacher stumbled a bit explaining a concept and asked me to come to the front of the class to explain it, that ‘math’ was my thing! Now, as a teacher, I want to make a difference for students, and help dispel fear and anxiety about math. Math can be fun and exciting!

I paired my Bachelors of Science degree in Math Education from the University of Utah, with a Physics Education minor, which makes lots of fun in the classroom when it comes to real-world applications in math. During my education at the U, I tutored college students and traveled to high schools around Salt Lake Valley to tutor math. This is where I really learned how to explain math concepts so that students could understand.

I taught math at Murray High, and then tried out a different avenue of math by testing computer software for Evans and Sutherland in Research Park. This is where I really understood the indirect benefit of learning math – problem solving and analytical thinking!

Between teaching adventures I stayed home to raise my four children, and continued teaching in a different way! I taught private violin lessons for over 15 years and have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my love of music with students of all ages.

Before teaching at Excelsior Academy I worked in the math department at Stansbury High School as a math tutor and started teaching math at Excelsior Academy in 2015. I look forward to another year working with the excellent students of Excelsior Academy, and being part of a school with high standards and a strong work ethic. In my free time, I love family time and doing just about anything that keeps me busy!