Mrs. Nancy DeMello

Specials | Music

I am so thrilled to be teaching elementary music here at Excelsior-Academy, which I like to lovingly refer to as my "forever home".  I first came to Excelsior in the Spring of 2017, prior to that I was a music instructor at Sterling Elementary.

I have been a professional recording artist, musician and performer for over 30 years!  Before becoming a music teacher, my full time day job was working in higher education, specifically math, science and healthcare research.  My primary duties over the years were in grants and contracts, senior accountant, director of finance and administration, executive assistant to directors and vice presidents and the editorial assistant of mathematical journals at the University of Utah, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, and the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute.

I had the privilege of helping raise two fantastic step children, and have three amazing children of my own.  I adore working with the exemplary students here at Excelsior, alongside my esteemed colleagues and consider it a blessing and an honor, but most of all it brings me great joy!