Enrollment FAQ

You can apply for enrollment by filling out an enrollment application

Enrollment applications open in December, and the lottery will run in March.

The lottery randomly places your student on a wait list, which is then used to fill enrollment openings throughout the upcoming school year. As seats become available in each grade, students are invited, beginning at the top of the waitlist, to fill any vacancies. 

Excelsior Academy is chartered to enroll 1,415 total students. In grades K-5, 135 students per grade, and in grades 6-8, 200 students per grade.

Parents are contacted through email and a phone call (check your spam/junk folder). 

Excelsior Academy will attempt to contact you regarding your student’s enrollment offer a minimum of two times. If you cannot be contacted or are non-responsive to an enrollment offer, the available space may be offered to another student on the waitlist. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that the school has current contact information on file, and to respond within the designated time period included in the initial enrollment offer. 

Enrollment invitations will begin directly after the lottery runs and continue well into the school year. We fill openings starting in the 8th grade and work down to kindergarten.

The process is continued for any openings throughout the school year.

You will receive an email with a detailed enrollment checklist. To expedite the process, please gather the following documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • Current immunizations record
  • Last report card (1st-8th grades only)
  • Vision screening (Incoming kindergarten only)
  • IEP/504 (If applicable)

Enrollment notifications are sent as students are invited to enroll. If you do not receive a notification the week after the lottery, please assume nothing has changed in regard to your student’s enrollment status. Students will remain on the waitlist until an opening becomes available.

The enrollment process is ongoing as seats become available throughout the spring and summer months and well into the school year. There will be many chances for your student to be selected to attend Excelsior Academy. 

Utah Code 53A-1a-506.5 Charter school students - Admissions procedures - Transfers: (3) The parent of a student enrolled in a charter school may withdraw the student from the charter school for enrollment in another charter school or a school district by submitting to the charter school: 

(a) on or before June 30, a notice of intent to enroll the student in the student's school of residence for the following school year; 

(b) after June 30, a letter of acceptance for enrollment in the student's school district of residence for the following year; 

(c) a letter of acceptance for enrollment in the student's district of residence in the current school year; 

(d) a letter of acceptance for enrollment in a nonresident school district; or 

(e) a letter of acceptance for enrollment in a charter school.