Family School Organization

The Family School Organization  is a group of volunteer family and community members that help prepare for, support, and carry out many events at Excelsior Academy.  Being on the committee is voluntary and is an excellent way to get involved with the school! If you have specific questions, email Joy Hinton for elementary  (, or Leah Adair for middle school (

FSO Expectations

Excelsior FSO volunteers are enthusiastic role models for our families. They set the tone with their positive energy!

Excelsior Events  (Events may be added and all are subject to change)

August: Back to school

October: Parent-teacher conference dinner

November: Veterans Day assembly

January: 8th grade Winter Ball dance

February: Parent-teacher conference dinner, staff appreciation week

March: Walkathon, 7th grade dance

May: 6th grade game night, field day

Throughout the year: classroom help (contact individual teachers)