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Charter Schools

  • What is a charter school?

    Charter schools are public schools created by a group of parents, teachers or community leaders who see an educational need in their community and want to meet that need. Like other public schools, charter schools serve students in grades kindergarten through the 12th grade. Excelsior Academy serves grades kindergarten through 8th grade.

  • How does Excelsior Academy differ from a traditional public school?

    Excelsior Academy functions as its own district and reports directly to the Utah State Office of Education. We are academically rigorous with a highly structured learning environment. Students are placed in ability groups that meet their academic level in reading, math, and spelling/writing. Our teachers utilize the Direct Instruction teaching model. Students take the standardized tests as mandated by the state. Our elementary is grades K-5, and our middle school is 6-8 grades.

  • Is there tuition?

    No. Charter schools are public schools that receive funding from the state and are funded in the same way as traditional neighborhood public schools. There is no tuition.




Curriculum / Instruction

  • What curriculum is used?

    Excelsior Academy uses the Core Knowledge curriculum for science, language arts, and social studies. 

    We currently use enVision Math as our leveled math curriculum and Reading Mastery Transformations for our leveled reading classes. We also use Spalding Spelling and 95%. 

    Middle school uses enVision Mathematics in the 6-8 grade general education math classes.  

  • What is the Classical Education model?

    Classical Education has two important aspects: it is language-focused and follows a specific 3-part pattern: 

    • The mind must be supplied with facts and images
    • Logical tools
    • Expressing conclusions

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  • What electives do you offer?

    Excelsior Academy offers 4 "specials" for Elementary students and over 30 electives for Middle School students!

    Your Middle School student may choose 3 electives per school year in a schedule of 8 classes.

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  • What qualifications do teachers have?

    Teachers are certified as required by the state's standards.


Our Programs

  • Is Excelsior Academy equipped to handle children with special needs?

    Excelsior has the capability of teaching students with special needs. In fact we are happy to do everything we can to assist them. We are required to meet IEP's per state guidelines, and employ certified teachers, to ensure the best quality instruction and mentoring for your child.

  • Does Excelsior Academy provide transportation?

    No. Excelsior Academy families are responsible for most transportation that takes place. Exceptions would be field trips. Administration encourages families to form a carpool with other Excelsior families to help with daily transportation.