Mrs. Amber Einerson

Special Education Teacher 2-3

  Hello, I was born and raised in Utah. At the age of 17 I joined the Utah Army National Guard. When I had my first of three rambunctious boys, I decided that I needed to put my family first. I attended Salt Lake Community College and transferred over to Utah State University. I obtained my Bachelor's in Family Life Studies.  I have since then decided to go back to school for my Master of Education in Special Education with an emphasis on Severe.

          I struggled in school as a child, and I would like to help other children avoid the struggles I had. My goal as a teacher is to guide each individual child. I want them to walk out of my class one day and have a love for learning, and an understanding that I love and care for them. I look to inspire them to become what they dream of being! Just as I push my own children to go beyond what I have; I too will support the children I teach in 2nd and 3rd grades to be more and do more! I began in 2018 with Excelsior Academy, and spent one year as an Instructor/Paraprofessional. That is when my calling found me and I am still here chugging along!

          I am truly thankful for the opportunity to work for such an AMAZING school, and with such AMAZING children! My hobbies are camping, and sleep, seeing as I don’t seem to get enough of either. Education to me is the foundation of the future for my students. I will attempt to make that foundation as strong as I can, so that it may weather the storms of life. Thank you for allowing me to have an impact on your most precious cargo, the students!