Mr. Brad Hendershot

Science 8

Hello! My name is Brad Hendershot and I've been teaching middle school science at Excelsior Academy since 2009. Why science? Well, I grew up in the era of the Space Shuttle, when our country mourned for the crew of the Challenger, and later when all the world marveled as the Hubble Space Telescope changed our understanding of the Universe. I watched as the home computer, and later the internet, changed the way we live, work, communicate, socialize, and learn. Ours is a remarkable age! It is a time of exponential growth, possibility, and responsibility. At the heart of all this progress, and of the challenges we will face in the future, lies a simple methodology we call science. Science is so intuitive and reasonable that kindergarteners can use it as a tool to better understand their world, and they do. Science is for everyone! Imagination, curiosity, and wonderment are for everyone. Sharing those qualities with young people gives me great pride and profound joy.

| USBE Qualified