Mr. Chris Williams


I have been doing ballroom dance since I was a junior in high school. I studied ballroom dance at BYU and was able to be part of the BYU Ballroom Dance Company for several years. I have traveled to England, Belgium, Holland, France, Austria, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Thailand with my dancing. I have most recently been the director of the UVU Ballroom Dance Company. I have been teaching ballroom dance as part of my career for many years! (I won't say how many, haha!)

I love running, music, singing, dance, staying active, DIY home projects, eating good food, and watching movies. My favorite treats are brownies, Oreo cookies, Hot Tamales, gooey rice crispy treats, and ice cream!  

I am the father of 3 active boys, all of whom are dancers and two are currently competing in ballroom dance and are National Champions!