Ms. Vanessa May

Fifth Grade

Greetings to you. My name is Ms. Vanessa Tui'one May. I am always excited to teach and make friends. I joined the Excelsior family in 2019. I taught at a classical charter school in Southern California prior to relocating to Utah. The ongoing aim of education for me is to learn the true, love the beautiful, do the good, and develop courage together with our young people. 

I am a California native and I have two beautiful children. We love the outdoors, playing ball, listening to audiobooks, and spending good wholesome time together. My parents are from the Kingdom of Tonga, hence why I included my maiden name above. I had the privilege of visiting the islands a few times, a couple times with my kids who view it like anything else: their backyard. Utah is now that for us and we love it here, mostly because of Excelsior and its wonderful community. 

| AL